While we are typically a nomination based production, we love to keep the submission portal open to give abundant opportunities to all types of artists we might not meet. We’re thrilled you’re interested in joining our diverse artistic family! To be considered for an upcoming All Boats production, please copy and paste your response to the following questions, upload any appropriate files, and send off to


-Lead Artists Name, contact information, city (Portland, LA or NYC) website or IG if you have it and want to share, and bio.


-Solo or group work?


-Proposed medium of work (dance, singer/songwriter/band, film, play, sketch comedy, stand-up, magician, puppetry, etc).


-Proposal: Tell us a little bit about your vision, themes, things you’re exploring!


-Technical needs: Do you anticipate needing a microphone? Projector? Extensive light or sound cues? Do you think you’ll need a lot of time to set up or break down? Are you gonna cover the space in glitter or water or weird stuff? Let us know your dreams.


-Stage of Work: Remember you’ll have 15 minutes max to perform--is this an excerpt? A fully realized piece with a beginning middle and end? Have you ever performed it before or will you be crafting new work for All Boats?


Please kindly attach:


-A photo you love of yourself or your cast/band/troupe


-Anything you think would help us better understand you as an artist, or the proposal. We welcome links to videos, samples of songs, scripts, films, etc. We’d love to get to know your vibe intimately so that we can curate a wild and wonderful show for the Los Angeles community!


Please know, if chosen, we will be featuring your photo and snippets of the information gathered from your proposal on our social media outreach, to help get the word out about your work!


If chosen to participate, please note that performers are responsible for:

-submitting a title, and bio for all their cast members two weeks prior to the show

-securing their own rehearsal space

-providing your own props/simple set pieces (talk to us though, if you need a chair, we can probably help you out!)

-informing us of all technical needs in a timely manner and no later than a week before the show

-sharing a picture (or a million) of their rehearsal process for our instagram and facebook

-inviting their community! If 6 performers each invite 5 people, we have an audience. The more folks come, the more expansion between social and artistic groups. Be a part of the growth!


-An opportunity for a walk through of space and tech rehearsal either the day before or day of the show

-A stage manager to run basic sound and technical cues

-A shoutout on our IG and FB pages of your work and your process, lifting you up as a creator

-Timely communication and support as you explore your artistic process! Check ins and cheerleading along the way

-A cut of the door to thank you for showing up for yourself as an artist, and participating in community in a humble way

-Free drinks at the event

-An incredible and unique opportunity to connect with and be inspired by other creators outside of your own circle of influence

-An opportunity to participate in curating our next show! After the performance you’ll be asked to nominate 1-3 folks you think would be an excellent addition to the All Boats community.




Julia and the All Boats Production Team