"'All Boats' is a powerful anecdote to the New-York-is-dead malaise so many people speak of nowadays. It's Bohemia in Bushwick-a combination of Dionysian inhibition and cosmopolitan flare"-Dan Sickles, Director of "Dina" the grand prize jury winner for Documentaries at Sundance 2017.

"All Boats is the collaborative experience at its best. Julia Bray has created something that has not only brought a multiplicity of artists, writers and performers together but has inspired them to create and share together in a supportive and thoughtfully curated environment. All Boats is a community I am truly honored to be a part of." - Joseph Merlo, Writer

"I have performed twice at All Boats, with strikingly different pieces, as a part of two uniquely different evenings. That is, to me, the real beauty of what Julia has created - a space where a truly wide range of work can be massaged and presented, where risks are championed and diversity of artistry is ever-present. Yet, there is also something distinctly “All Boats,” which to an audience as well as performers means that we know what we are in for, that we will be supported and surprised, and feel at home among the artists who come to share."- Hannah Whitney, Artist

"All Boats is THE glorious place for true artistic weirdos to meet other artistic weirdos. I met a vocalist and a dancer at All Boats and put them in my last show."- Trevor Salter, Choreographer